Scope of Workshop

In domains as diverse as finance, entertainment, sports, climate science, and health-care, there has been a fundamental shift away from traditional recording to intelligent monitoring. Machine learning (ML), being an amalgamation of pattern recognition and computational learning techniques, enable the machine to learn, reason and engage with the real world. In the era of the Internet of Things (IoT) where a large number of sensing devices collect and/or generate an enormous amount of sensory data over time, Intelligent processing and analysis of this data are the key to developing smart IoT applications. Machine Learning techniques, including Classification, Clustering and Regression methodologies, provides the capability to deal with underlying challenges posed by this Big Data which is often characterized by its velocity in terms of time and location while simultaneously involving a variety of multiple modalities and varying data quality.

Our Goal

The objective of the ETIML 2019 is to bring together a high-level international forum of eminent academicians, industry professionals and individuals researchers, including PhD scholars and graduate students, to exchange ideas on the applications of ML to deal with above challenges and discuss the recent trends in research and applications of Machine Learning and IoT applications. The workshop will cover both theoretical and experimental results. The topics span different domains in both areas of IoT and Machine Learning.

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May 4-5

New Delhi




Dr. Ravi Kothari

Ashoka University.
Ex. Distinguish Engineer, IBM.

Dr. Shivashankar B. Nair

IIT Guwahati

Dr. Brijesh Lall

IIT Delhi

Dr. Jayadeva

IIT Delhi

Dr. Krishna Pratap Singh

Associate Professor
IIIT Allahabad

Dr. Santanu Talukder

Assistant Professor
IISER Bhopal

Dr. Arpan Chhattopdhyay

Assitant Professor
IIT Delhi

Dr. Praveen Kumar

Founder and CEO
Ekagga Technology & Services Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.

Dr. Nikhil Rajput

Assistant Professor
University of Delhi

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Event FAQs

Registration Start:- 29 March 2019
Registration End:- 20 April 2019 25 April 2019

Students (SAU)         INR 500/-
Students (non SAU) INR 1000/-
Faculty/Industry INR 5000/-

By Public Transport

Nearest Metro Station:- The nearest metro stations are Lok Kalyan Marg and Bhikaji Cama Place. After reaching the metro station, either you can take an auto(auto will charge Rs. 30/- or Rs. 40/-) or Bus Route No 781.

Nearest Railway Station:- The nearest railway station is New Delhi. After reaching the station, you can board into metro, bus(Bus Route No 781) or auto( auto will charge RS 100/-).

All graduate students, research scholars and industry participants are encouraged to apply.
Please write to us at or call at +91-9910521067.
Preference for accommodation will be given to participants outside Delhi- NCR. You may send an e-mail to the coordinator( mentioning your maximum possible details (Name, Father’s Name, College, Mobile number). A confirmation mail will be sent to those who will apply for accommodation. Accommodation will only be provided to the ones who have applied for accommodation through e-mail.
Accomadation charges are between Rs 800-1000/- per day, per person. The location of accommodation will be shared after the registration.


Dr. Reshma Rastogi

Assistant Professor

Dr. Shachi Sharma

Assistant Professor

Event Location

Department of Computer Science,
South Asian University,
Akbar Bhavan, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi-110021, INDIA.
Tel : +91 11 24195271 and Mobile +91-9910521067.